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Hello you!

Welcome to YouthBox!


Youthbox is French website aimed at helping young people hack their student life.


Want to learn how to download HD series and movies easily? Need to find an amazing internship abroad? To go on vacation with a very tight budget? To cook a space cake easily et to finally be able to drink til sunrise and be fresh like a baby in the morning at work?


We had the idea to create Youthbox when we realized there was no other website really addressing the student world in a straight, useful and funny way, broaching subjects that really matter to us, boys as girlsBut Youthbox isn’t solely intented for 16-25, we hope you will find interesting articles and information no matter your age or occupation!


 What are we talking about?

CULTURE |  Buzz / Music / Series, Movies, TV / Events / General Knowledge

WORK |  Class / Internships / Jobs / Organize / Entrepreneurship  / Toolbox

FUN |  Trends / Party /

LIFE |  Budget / Tips  / Cooking / Health

TECHNO |  Apps  / Social Media / How to / Geek culture / Downloads

WORLD |  Studying abroad / Foreign students in France / An American student’s chronicle


→ Why should I read Youthbox?


Reason n°1    Clever & Cool

#CLEVER –  Find real practical tips on how to organize your work, find the internship of your dreams or study abroad, learn to manage your budget, canvassing for a school project, find business ideas, learn how to download better and find the best of apps  and the web…|

#COOL – Discover new trends, new series to watch or ideas of drinking games, know what to do in Paris, listen to the last good beats and the very best of television, quit smoking…|

Reason n°2   Our only goal is to be useful to you, articles are written in this sense and we are available for any request

Reason n°3  We’re pretty fun (or at least hope to be)


We only translate articles that are relevant to be translated, so not all articles are available in English. If you have a particular request like want to get the translation of a particular article, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Questions, suggestions, proposals and carrier pigeons should be sent to (we’ll answer under 6 hours, pinky swear). We can’t wait to here from you.


You can also find us on:

Twitter (if your request is less than 140 characters long)

Facebook (if you want to keep in touch with us in the middle of your last Project X partiy pictures) 

Google+ (because those who said it was the desert were wrong)


Don’t hesitate to participate here in you own way, reading, commenting or even proposing articles: Youthbox is primarily a sharing space!



Youthbox ( <3 you)

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